Dames on the Dragons trail

Into the jungle


The team has grown weary of war and dwarves. They say goodbye to Nimsar, who is now a diplomat,and find ship going to Taristhien. Nell wants to see unicorns, the rest want to see the world so off they go.

The ship has little trouble on the 3 month journey across the world. They encounter an aboleth but take care of it, Bianca having to spend some time with her head in water for a bit but no harm done. Lilith celebrates her birthday with a party on board.

When they arrive at the small harbor there are two groups that stand out. One is a small camp of wild elves close to the in. The other is four high elves traveling together. Besides them none stand out, but there are dwarves, half-orcs and human milling about, doing trade. At the in there are loads of different people milling about. A huge muscled wild elf is talking to the inkeep. As he turns around and looks around and suddenly sees Aisha.

She doesn’t notice much about him but the others do. They have the same coloring and the exact same chin. He looks at her for a long while. Nell runs after him as he is leaving and asks him to join them. He tells her he’ll be back.
Bianca comments on the likeness of their skin and Aisha looks confused. When the man comes back and asks her to follow him she does.

They go to his camp and sits down to talk. She can see the rest of them giving them space but looking at her curiously. He asks her about her background, and where she was born. They bond slowly and Aisha feels the change, she feels less lonely and more open. He asks if she can come with him to their camp and she asks if they need help fighting something. He smiles and says yes, sensing she needs time to get used to things.

The rest talk with a high elf called Nivera and chat a bit. Nell gets bery excited about rolling on the morning dew naked with her and Bianca is trying to explain why she shouldn’t. They end up doing it in the morning, the wild elves watching and Nell being very happy with her new friend. She is also coming to the camp with the wild ones.
As they head out they come across a giant flytrap. The girls take care of it easily and impress Rov and the others. As they get to the camp the leader is waiting for them.
Bianca comments on the likeness of him too and Aisha finally gets thinking. He takes her aside and talks to her about his story.
Raisharon and his tribe

Rov shows them around and Nell is paying close attention. They wander away a bit and look at the lilys. Nell feels a stronger and stronger attraction to him and he flirts back confidently. Bianca watches over them and tries to make sure Nell knows what is happening.
After they hear the story of the secret weapon they want to see it and Raisharon leads the way. In a huge perfect hole in the ground a barrier is keeping a green dragon in. They gasp as they see how big the evil creature is and understand why the others are afraid. After the discussion gets heated. Is it good that its trapped even if its evil? Should they kill it? or let it loose? Where is the stone?
Later they bond with the others and when the flirting gets awkward for Aisha her brother takes her hunting. They make a feast with the catch. Nell and Rov find some time to be alone and climb a lookout. They canoodle under the stars and have a a great time all the way through morning.

The next day they head out to help kill some elementals running around a grove of fruit trees. Two big earth elementals and two wind ones roam around. The team fights them off, taking some damage. But as they discover that bludgeoning weapons work beast they take them down. And get to bring loads and loads of fantastic fruit back to the camp, making a feast for everyone.

The question of the dragon is still not resolved and someone has sent word to the high elves…..



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