Raisharon and his tribe

Raisharon grew up in a small tribe east on Taristhien. They were few but exceptionally strong and stroke fear into hearts of many tribes. So much so that a move was made to kill them all. Raisharon was clever and hid two children, a man and a woman away, his friend and his wife. He exchanged pelts and herbs for passage on a ship and searched the world for a powerful enough magic item to save his tribe. He went to Amba and met Mella, a strong and capable half-elf and fell in love. With her help he found a scale-stone, something to bind a dragon. But she could not and would not leave with him and so he returned home with a stone. Little did he know that Mella was pregnant.

His son Rovarion grew up to be an incredible warrior and as the tribe slowly grew he would be their protector. He takes pride in his skills and often takes down monsters and other wild things to protect and practice. Rov, as he is called, also yearns for love and has met with other tribes and even been to the high elf trees to search for someone to share his life with


The scale-stone keeps a ancient green dragon in a prison in the ground. The existence of this powerful creature scares the other tribes to leave them alone. They don’t understand it and keep away. Some have visited to see it and now the high elves has sent en envoy to investigate the situation

Raisharon and his tribe

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