Cavalier and socerer, order of the Dragon, Destined blood


Happy 17 year old human, loves her horse Snowball and adventure. She has brown big curls and big blue eyes that can charm anyone. She is small, fast and agile. Sitting on Snowball she will take on anything.


She lost her parents, family and friends one horrible day while tending to the sheep of the village. Coming back in the evening everyone was dead and eight years old she was alone in the world. After wandering about leaving the village behind, she was taken in by an order of monks. Here she was trained to look after herself, she became a cavalier. After growing up With the kind, but distant monks she is out looking for friends who could be her new familiy, a longing to belong and have someone to look after is what drives her. But now she has only her horse, Snowball, and she loves her more than anything. Nell is annoyingly charming and uses a rapier.
She got a Destined curve blade from the dwarven king after saving his son and a banner of pink silk with a dragon on it.
She makes things out of pelts and skins, some to sell and some as gifts.


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