Dames on the Dragons trail

The very begninning

New characters tryout

Outside the city of Altas, the capitol of the known world, there is a little tavern by the road called the Cricket.
And as fate would have it the 4 adventurers would all be at this tavern on a rainy grey day.
They are:
Nelle- a Cavalier with some magic in her (Cavalier lvl 4,Socerer lvl 1)
A monk with a amazing skills,(monk lvl5) half-elf with purple eyes and dark hair.
Curiously the look is the same as another half-elf sitting in the corner. She is a small rouge, wearing a chainshirt of mithril and a slim sword at her side.(Rouge lvl 5) The last one destined to be a part of the team is a half-elf fighter with a dark complexion and a katana on her back. She sits quietly by herself and drinks slowly.(Fighter lvl 5 specialised in heavy swords)
Lilith Moonshadow

They all look up when a tiredlooking dwarf stumbles through the door. He is dripping wet
from the rain and in full traveling gear. He stands and looks around before calling out:
“I have come from Greyfoot, from the king of our lands. He is asking for help, seeking a group of heroes to help with a mission in the mountains. One of our own, our prince, is missing. The reward for getting him home will be substantial. I’ll be over here in the corner to record who is going.”
A crowd of other walk up to the dwarf and two parties start to form. One with only elves, another of misfits and a couple of orcs.
Nelle runs up to him and start chatting away, She is bubbly and happy to help. Open to anyone she sits a table nearby and waits for companions. The monk eventually walks up and asks for as much info as possible. The dwarf explains that the prince missing is not well-regarded and considered a fool. He was sent up the mountain to a ruin, where he was told there would be treasure. At the same time Greyfoot is preparing for war, gearing up to prepare for the drows they have heard are coming. He also points to the table where Nelle is smiling and waving.

The Rouge decides to sit down by Nelle and they talk a little. In totally different moods they find some common ground and gang up. The last one to join is the fighter, after the group decide they need some more muscle. She is asked and she joins with a shrug.
With horses in tow they head out the next day.
Nelle talks about her horse as her best friend and is the only one that has a name for him, he is called Snowball.

The first they encounter is two bears heading out of the woods. They are easily slain and the group gets to show off their skills to each other. Nelle is incredible effective on top of Snowball, and gain some respect after baffling the rest. As they reach the harbor to find a ship to Greyfoot, and they chose a small, fast ship after Nelle charms the captain to let them on with their horses.

Deep out to sea they encounter a hoard of sea-creatures and fight them off with great skill and ease. Both the monk and the fighter show off their skills in combat and the rouge dodges nearly every attack. Nelle seems to be better on he horse but does her part to save the ship.

Arriving on Greyfoot there’s a pass that all visitors has to go through. The Dwarfs will not waste time on anyone that can’t get through it. They fight through yetis, barghests and wolves barely getting through. They have to scale a ledge with the horses, but eventually make their way to the doors of Greyfoot Citadel.
As they enter they take in the most amazing stone structure of stone in the world.[[File: | class=media-item-align-none | ]]

They find an inn to rest and get some more healing potions. They then visit the captain that oversee the mission. He tells them to get it done as fast as possible, its in the way and terrible timing so he wants it out of the way. The get directions and get moving towards the ruins.



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