Dames on the Dragons trail

The Maze of traps

Small job, big trouble

The party is asked to help out by the dwarven king. He asks them to help search a new cave that has been found on the other mountain next to theirs. It has traps he warns and he would appreciate the help.

At the cave they figure the horses needs to stay there, this time also Snowball is left in the cave with Horsey and Hest.
As the team enter the maze right away they can see that Lilith needs to go first. So she enters and finds all the triggers as they go along. Every trap has been triggered and they easily get pas them. There are blades hanging, and in the floor in places, as well as burn marks on the walls from lightning and fireballs. She finds poison on some blades and pits with and without spikes.
In the very last room there is a chest and on top is a burnt out body of a rogue. She is laying on top of it but the lock is picked.

They push her off and start filling their bags with the treasure (4000 gp in jewels and coin, also a tiny tiara)
As they do something clicks and they can hear the mechanism purr around them. They try putting the body on top of the chest but it does nothing.
They enter the maze again and get past a few of the traps with minor cuts. But one of the traps has triggered teleportation of an Ice demon, and it stands in their way. Lilith uses her brand new boots of spider climb and shoots from the ceiling. The others switch around as much as they can in the small corridor and manage to kill it eventually. As it is about to disappear they see that some items have frozen to its body and one of them falls off before he is teleported away.
Its a feather-token and Nell figures out its a swanboat one.

Out of a dark pit a phase spider crawls up. Bianca tries to trip it but stays on its feet. It’s slain quite easily as the team use their new weapons and tactics to kill it.

They creep past the rest of the traps, the spikes hurting Nell and Aisha on the way. At the next turn they see two figures in dark clothing and hoods standing in the corridor. They have to knives each and look ready to pounce. The dark stalkers are taken down, Lilith in the ceiling, Bianca and Aisha at the front and Nell inspiring everyone with her new banner.

Beat and tired and soon the gang comes to the very end of the maze. An earth elemental burrows up from the floor an attacks them. With their last energy they fight their way out and gather the last of the treasure.



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