Dames on the Dragons trail

The Dark War of Giants

It get's heavy

The last preparations are going for the war to come. The team is given a very important task- a diplomatic mission to talk to the local taiga giants. They have had an agreement for many years to have their own hunting ground without disturbing each other. Now they have seen Rune giants, led by drows, trying to rouse the mighty and huge frost giants. They are only two but so big it would make the whole continent shift and shudder.
Giants of Greyfoot

The team go with Nimsar outside the citadel to talk to the two taiga giants outside. Beli, the scout greets them. She takes them to their camp, on the way they get to show off their skill. Fagir, the taiga chief talks to them carefully. They respectfully, for once, all talk to them and agree to help them kill the rune giant group and sacrifice the rune giant on the alter connected to the frost giants.

This mission goes fantastically. Nimsar helps them on the way, they bring out all their charm and careful words as much as they can. And of course kill the group easily, the rune giants and drows not standing a chance to the power of these heroes. The dead giants are put on a alter, which communicates to the huge Frost giants to keep still and sleep on where they are. Because of their skill in battle and respectful manner the chief agrees to send Beli and another giant with them. He will also send word to the other camps and see if some of them will help out.

Nimsar tells the king and queen of their fantastic help. They are invited to a defense meeting with the leaders, the spymaster, Ailas the cleric, the general for the army and the King and Queen. They team help plan the defenses and decide:
- The drows in prison and the most dangerous prisoners will be executed to make sure noone attacks from behind or does any sabotage
- The tunnel they have found will get a small good team to fight them and to push them back out to the pass where the army will be waiting. Two taiga giants are shrunk with spells and moved to the front of the battle by the tunnel.
-The dwarf build sigewalls across the river and add archers to the group of clerics
- They decide to construct traps in the tunnel to hurt as many coming trough as possible
- All the civilians are moved to the big halls for protection
- They know there might cells hiding in the city, that got in before they found the tunnel. A small team is sent out to scout them out.
- Aisha is given an amulet to communicate with one of the captain on the outside

As they get word that the drows are coming and the traps start to warn them someone is coming through. The team gather and set up for battle, Beli and Raglin the taiga giants ready in front and archers behind small walls. As the mass of drows comes through the battle begins. Rune giants follow and a terrifying battle between giants ensue. The group slaughter drows right and left, only finding much struggle with the foul driders climbing through. As the battle seems won the clerics behind the walls cry out. Someone from behind is sniping down their allies. Nell and Aisha jump at the chance to hit them and Lillith helps point them out on the roofs. They are quickly taken care of and the battle is won.
Aisha hails the captain through her amulet and they are teleported to the ravine and the rest of the army.

Two small towers have been constructed on their side of the lake. Then there’s a stretch of land and the huge lake before the path opens. There has also been craved out small shelves to stand on for archers and paths along the lake to walk on. As they watch the lake is being frozen slid by drow mages. Before the can solidify the entire thing the king orders two of the giants that have come to help to go under the ice. They take a breath and swim underneath, waiting for the drow horde to go over the ice. Thousands of drows march across the ice to meet the dwarfs in battle.

The are given orders to go along the paths over the lake and take care of a group of rune giants trying to cross. They have drows and driders with them.
They engage them and take down one fast. But one of them slides down to stand on the ice and starts trowing rock at Lilith. She is nearly killed and the group struggles to get the upper hand. But finally the driders make mistakes and the enemies are slain. The team heals up with potions and watch from above what happens next.

The taiga giants hiding under the ice move to the end of the lake, away from the dwarfs, and suddenly rise to drown thousands of drows. The rest of the army hurries to cross the lake and the battle begins. As the enemy move forward with the last women as small group is tasked with killing the Taiga giants in the water.
The girls are asked to save them if possible and rushes down to take them on.
But without clerics nearby to stop the drow trickery of darkness they struggle to take them down. Thanks to careful planning though and use of void dust the drows are overpowered and taken care of, unfortunately not before one of the giants drown.

As the battles keep raging the team is given new orders. A small team is hiding and sliding along the lake,trying to get in to the city and wreck havoc. The clerics can feel their spells but can’t pinpoint them to the archers. The team hurries to seek them out, using all their skill and abilities to do it. The enemy is killed without much harm done but the battle is wearing on them.

Again they get called to action, this time to protect on of the towers that have become overrun. They attack from all sides of the small building, using beads of force to knock the driders at the top around and then execute them swiftly. Again their skill and tact is unmatched by the drows facing them.

The battle turns and the dwarves have won. Some drows are heading back, and the queen realises there must be another tunnel. She gives the order to hunt down the one running back to get reinforcements and find the tunnel. Somewhere they are making the rune giants and she wants it sealed.
The ladies run after the fleeing drows and gets beyond the lake. They find a wall of darkenss waiting for them. Aisha flies up and sees 10 mages holding the spell. A group with driders are running for the dark. Aisha and Lilith make a daring plan using the rubberband they found earlier. Aisha is to fly up, over the dark and Lilith sneak around it.Then they stretch the band as far as it will go and swiftly snap it around the mages. The dark falters as most of them are stuck.
Nell and Bianca take care of the driders and drows running for the dark, using a rod of wonder to get one of the driders to fight for them. With its help it becomes a massacre.
As the dark disappears and the mages are taken care of the tunnel used by the drows are taken care of. The ladies hail the army to come search it and the queen sends them down the tunnel to take care of the last drows and their secrets to making rune giants.

As they heal and wait for it to be over something is hammering on the other side of the path. The stone shakes and bursting out of the opposite side two rune giants bash their way out the closed tunnel. The queen asks if they can take them down and the team happily oblige. With swift action and enormous power the giants are slain and victory is at hand.

The war is won!
And because of well planned strategies and clever ideas the team is rewarded handsomely and are considered heroes of the Keep.



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