Dames on the Dragons trail

Lurking in the Mine

The Queen needs help

The maze has taken it’s toll on the party and as they make their way down towards the Citadel two drow scouts sneak up on them. Fortunately for them the scouts are not trained in combat and does only a small amount of damage before they are taken care of.

Finally back at the in they rapport on the maze and go get some much needed rest. They take a few days to buy some potions and eat good food before an envoy of the Queen, Anna Ironbelly, arrives at their in. He’s called Drem and works for the royalty as an adviser. He asks you to follow him. They go to one of two big halls that the King and Queen are using to gear up for war. The hall is filled with advisers and soldiers and Anna is organizing them efficiently and calmly. They are producing weapons and armor in the far corner and the noise echoes again and again.

Queen Anna stands out in the sea of dwarfs milling around her. Her armor is beautiful and intricate, a work of art perfectly fit for a warrior queen. She has long braids pulled back and is clearly in charge. Her whole being shows confidence and skill, even though she looks too young to be queen. She greets them, and look them up and down for a minute. Anna Ironbelly

“I have heard about you, my husband speaks well of you. I thank you for saving my son and helping us rid the world of drow scum. I have a task for you, if you have a mind to help me as well?”
The party look at each other and silently agree, and Nell steps forward. “We would be happy to help, we are not doing anything at the moment.”
Aisha adds “Is there any rewards for this?”
The Queen smiles and nods.
“I like a clean agreements, proper deals. I offer you 1500 gold for this mission. You will go down to one of our mines where my harvesters have told me the strangest stories. There seems to be something down there disrupting their work and some of them have been very hurt. These are not worriers but miners and works. They have told me that there were monsters coming out of the walls. I don’t know what to do with these stories so I would like you to investigate.”
Bianca chimes in “Is there anything else you could tell us? We won’t know if the reward is bi enough without going there first but it’s a good offer. What else can you tell us to prepare?”
“I don’t know much more than that. There is some kind of magic down there stopping them from entering one of the tunnels, but I’m not a mage, I have no idea what it could be. If there are monsters down there I want them taken care of before I send some mage down there. I want to know how they are getting in and have the path sealed if possible. If there is more risk than we know I will compensate you, how is that?”
Bianca nods and Nell smiles brightly “I would love some armor like your, I have to tell you, I LOVE it, it’s SO beautiful.” Anna smiles back. “Thank you. This is one of a kind, for many reasons, but my armorer are skilled and I’m sure they could make you something some time.”

They move out and follow a scout down the mines. They move slowly in a spiral down the shafts, and see the huge structure that is the mines of Greyfoot. When they get ot the tunnel in question the scout leaves them to go inside. Snowball is with them but the rest of the horses are back at the in. The main tunnel is worn and comfortably large. They see equipment and tools laying around and the tracks in the floor from wagons.
Bianca listens down the tunnel and hears a few things that should not be there, the most prominent one a buzzing coming closer.

Soon she alerts them to the Giant wasps coming towards them, 3 and 3 in two groups.
Swiftly thy rearrange themselves to attack. It’s not long before the wasps are crushed to the floor. Some of the adventurers are stung by the huge stingers and see that there is poison in them but nothing can face these guys, no effects occur.

Further down the tunnel they get to the first mine. Bianca listens and hears some shuffling and stone scraping on stone in the room beyond. As they walk in they spot a huge Ettin, two heads looking snarling at them, wandering the room. They spread out and start their attack. Sneaking up on him seems impossible so Aisha goes for one of the heads, and eventually cuts it clean off, blood spraying everywhere.
He goes down and only managed to scrape a little at them.

Nell starts sniffing the air like a dog and comments on the amazing smell. The others look confused, it smells like metal, blood and stone, nothing special. She comments again on how wonderful it is and Aisha tries to figure out what is going on. After some discussion and testing they figure out that Nells new tiara makes you able to smell valuable metals, mithril being one of them. She picks up a small piece from the floor and smells it. The others pick up some lumps and Bianca start searching the room. She finds a secret door that seems to be leading down in the dark. It has been freshly dug and is completely dark.

They follow it for a bit and it branches. One tunnel leads down and forward away from the mine and the other leads beck towards the other tunnels. They go forward and find a small makeshift camp. Some drows meet them in battle and try to use suggestion and fog to overpower them but to no avail. With a waterbomb and some clever skills they are overpowered. They are struck down and looted for stuff.

In another room they find 4 cages with 4 creatures in them.
One Minotaur, one Hobgoblin, a dwarf and Girallion.
Nell gives the dwarf a healing potion and they talk to him. He tells them he was overrun and kept in the cage for fun. The drows have been sending monsters in to the tunnels to try and steal some of their metals. He is weak and hungry, so Lilith lends him the everfull cauldron to eat something.
They prepare to fight and open the cages on after each other. They are magical and they can only get to the monsters by opening them. Lilith hangs in the ceiling giving the rest some space but it’s cramped and soon full of blood. After taking care of the monsters they find the tunnel leading on and follow it carefully.

As they come to the end of the tunnel they find 5 doors. Slowly going through each room they find a kitchen, a training room, a prison holding 5 more dwarfs in need of help, and a room made to be completely dark. They figure it must be storage when someone tries walking in and knocks some stuff over, making a clanging noise in the dark. They help the dwarfs with food and healing but quickly move on to the last room.
They hear chatting and recognize the foul language of the drows. They organize but nothing can prepare them for what’s waiting for them.

6 drow warriors and two driders stand ready, they have sensed their goodness ad heard them coming. The battle ensues and the drows attack with bows, spells and rapiers at every opportunity. They use the blood of the fallen to be better themselves and make it hard for the team. Nell gets badly hurt and has to pull back to heal her and Snowball. The rest keep on them and push back as the drow formation is taken care of by Aishas bull rush and waterbomb. Finally there is room to maneuver and they get the upper hand. The dwarfs from the cages come in to help at the very end and cheer the group on to victory. Tired and beaten they stay the night to rest.One of the dwarfs is a cleric and heals them all a little.

The next day they leave some of the workers behind to seal the tunnel, they found it in storage after searching it for valuables. It leads out of the mountain and gets sealed.
They go slowly back to the other branch of the drows tunnel and find that it goes up to the iron mine. While exploring they run into a group of hobgoblins and slaughter them easily. The dwarfs are very impressed and grateful to have heroes with them on the way home.

The last part of the mine, the silver one, has a barrier in front of it. After searching the edges and using her Destined blood Nell figures out how the mages might turn it off. The tunnel free from monsters and everyone rescued they make their way back to the keep. The workers thank them and go home to their families, reporting to their leader first about everything that went down in the tunnel.

They meet back up with the Queen and she congratulates them on a job well done. Nell explains that it went well but it was more dangerous than expected as Snowball was badly hurt. The other chime in and tell Anna that Nell nearly died trying to fight the drows off.
“I heard from the workers that you took care of them as well, I thank you for all your efforts. My healers will heal you fully. I heard a rumor that you had some perfect pearls that you got from the myriad in the ruins. As an extra thank you I could get my mages to put an enchantment on them. And I have something extra for you Nell, well for Snowball” She hands over a box with stunning horseshoes in them.
Nell is delighted and the team gets to shop and celebrate the victory.



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