Dames on the Dragons trail

Claws and harts

A ritual is afoot

The party rest for a few days and experiment with their new stuff.
They are sent out to hunt for food and come across a wholly rhino and a troll trying to eat it. Both are slain easily and the horns harvested for later use.
Bianca as been looking up some dwarfs about learning a craft and has started creating small utilities of wood, bone or soft stone.

The next night they are unpleasantly woken by someone putting a hood over their heads and knocking them out. When they wake up and the hoods are removed they see some guards in a small cave and Anna, the Queen standing above them.

“I am a grateful and kind queen, but there are certain things I can not forgive. One of those things is stealing!” She is very angry and paces back an forth. “It took some time, but I found out that some of you have been selling mithril that you found in the mines, That is unacceptable!”
Nell and Lilith look at each other the other two sigh. Bianca works carefully at the ropes holding her.
Nell gets really flustered and almost gets tears in her eyes “I am so sorry,I didn’t know, and I didn’t mean to steal, and we just picked it up like we do everywhere, and I didn’t think, BUT I should have and I am so sorry! What can we do to make up for it?”
Bianca frees her hands but keep them on her back t see what happens next.
Lilith nods after Nell tries to explain and Anna nods.
“I cannot tolerate stealing, we need every tiny pebble we have against what is coming”
Nell speaks up again “I totally understand, I am so sorry, we will do whatever you want to make it right”
Anna nods and tells them about a small thing that seems to be escalating.
Someone is murdering clerics of a certain faith and taking their harts. When there was just one it was shrugged off as murder, horrible but just murder. But no 5 clerics are dead withing a certain area west in the city. She wants them to investigate.

The party agrees, is let loose and get to a tip to talk to one of the higher ranks clerics.
He says he needs to see some crime scenes so they take him around to see them, and he finds a white feather dipped in blood at all of them.
He tells them that this is bad, this is a sign of worship to the god Nethys, the god of magic and whit the harts being taken there might be ritual being prepared. They talk back and forth about what to do and he remembers that there is a woman in prison they could talk to named Zidada.

They enter the prison to find her and it turns out she has been missing for some time. The prison manager is embarrassed about it, they have been trying to find her, so he lets them in to look at the cell she was in. Its empty, no markings, nothing. On the left is a cell with a dwarf in it, watching them with a smile.
They talk to him through the bars and Nell tries to charm him into telling them if he saw anything. Skeptical at first he says he can’t help them if he is in prison but slowly he thaws and tells them that he heard harsh, guttural noises the night before and she was gone, like poof. He giggles and says he thought it might be the simpleton next to him.
“watch, watch. He loon, are you a cow today?” he yells down the cell and the other dwarf responds by mooing loudly. He does this a few times and laughs.
“She was gorgeous though, the one you are looking for, kept me up at night, if you know what I mean?” he winks at them and Bianca snorts in disgust. The other smile with him and ask him if he has seen anything else. They tell him what is happening and he says he can guide them through the city if they get him out.

Before they do they stop by the drow sitting in the cell next over. She is standing at the back, leaning against the wall. When she doesn’t react to anything they say they decide to go in for a visit. First they hold her down and tickle her for information, much to Nimsars glee. She still doesn’t talk though tries to get away. Then Aisha remembers the garter they got that changes the sex of a person and the drow freaks. She shakes and breaks down and says she has no idea what happened to the woman,she just disappeared. They believe her and leave her afraid on the floor.
Nell convinces the manager of the prison to let him go as he only has a few days left of his sentence anyways.

He takes them to a small pub downtown and asks them to go in separately. After some discussion Lilith comes with him, the rest walk in on their own, attracting some attention. Aisha is approached by small cleric. He has heard of the murders and is terrified. He wants to hire her for protection and after some time she agrees. In the meantime Nimsar has asked around and gotten some hints and ideas. There are a couple of places the killers might be hiding nearby. Also they decide to talk to the local clerics to see if they have heard any noises in the night. The first they visit knows nothing but the second has heard something and they find that some tiles in his roof are loose.

So they hide in his bedroom, Lilith under the bed, Aisha in the closet, Nell on the stairs and Bianca in the bed, pretending to be the cleric. The others are hidden in a storage room on the first floor with Nimsar. Some time after midnight a demon enters, tall red wings scraping the ceiling and his tail full of spikes. They fight him and almost kill him when they hear noises from downstairs. Nell runs down and finds a woman standing in the room with the clerics and Nimsar. As they watch in horror she reaches for the one Aisha brought and pulls his heart from his chest with magic. When they try attacking she takes hold of Nell and disappears.

The team is frantically trying to figure out how to fin Nell,and ask the cleric for help. He says he can talk to some of the other victims, and Bianca gets very angry. Talking to the dead would be a sin. They start discussing what to do and finally agree to try a locating spell for strong magic. Two bright spots show up on the map. As they go outside to figure out where to go some of them see smoke in the direction of one of the spots and Bianca starts running that way, Aisha following. Lillith and Nimsar decide to sneak up to the second spot on the map.

Meanwhile Nell wakes up on the floor an a bid abandoned building. The sorceress is putting the new hart with the others and turns to face her. Nell quickly throws a goblin bomb at her and the alter, creating a fire and destroying the harts. The demon lands shortly after but only to die from the injuries. Bianca arrives shortly after and the Zidada tries to run. But Bianca and Aisha soon gets her down and holds her. She seems to be possessed and they drag her back to the cleric.

Lilith and Nimsar find a small ruin from temple and watch as succubus starts a ritual and draws something on the ground. They agree that Nimsar has to run back and get the others and Lilith hides in a bush. Nimsar runs first to the building with the fire but has to run to the clerics house to find the group. He tells them where to go. The cleric does a forceful and strange exorcism and they quickly hurry to find Lilith.

They team face up the succubus,fighting to keep their mind on the game. She uses every magic she has against them but finally she is slain. Beaten and bloody the make their way back to the queen to rapport.

She is very grateful and rewards the ones that didn’t steal. She also talks to Nimsar and gives him special mission-to start the talks with the giants



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