Dames on the Dragons trail

Mysteries and trials
On with the tournament!

Rov and a few others in the tribe want to go to the main city of the high elves, to try and figure out why they had sent someone to them.

As the team make their way through the jungle and get to the main city Rov is approached by a friend. She is a bastet in half form and seem very worried. They talk and Rov comes back frowning and in deep thoughts. He tells them his friends has been a mediator or diplomat keeping track of the centaurs living south on the island. They keep monsters and other secrets at bay but have recently started fighting,sometimes to the death. They are notorious for fighting among themselves but not like this. Rov wants to help and Nell quickly volunteers all of them to help out.

They spend some time checking out the city before moving out. They discover that a tournament is coming and everyone is training for it. Bianca finds a group of monks working out and recognize on of them. But he pretends not to know her and she kicks his ass in a small fight. The girls get ready and head out into the wild.

As the fight their way through the jungle they camp out under the stars. The bastet climbs a tree to keep watch but as they wake they can feel tiny legs all over. A huge spider swarm has found them and they try to get it off them with little successes. But as they start to panic soft beautiful flute music floats through the air and a creature is revealed.
The centaur smiles carefully and recognize the bastet as her friend. There’s four of them in a small camp, they have left the main village to try and figure something out. They talk but the team can’t seem to figure out what is happening.

As they get to the village and meet their leader they are given a drink to toast with.
Nell explains that she doesn’t want to drink, skeptical of the strength of the brew and what might be in it. She puts on a pleasant face and carefully explains that she acts crazy when drinking and that it wouldn’t be a good idea. She doesn’t want to insult them. The leader looks at her questioningly and doesn’t seem to understand.
“What do you mean about effect? I don’t understand, this has no effect on us”
The team look at each other and the whole thing seems to make sense. On the barrels given to the centaurs there’s a mark and it looks familiar to Bianca. It’s the symbol of the house that trains monks. They talk to them and figure out that one of their usual traders brought them the barrels right before the fighting started. It takes a long while before the effect kicks in and they have no experience with booze.

Mystery mostly solved they have a feast together and try to prove to the centaurs what the theory is. They give the bastet a lot from the barrel but as she gets drunk she gets uncontrollably and it’s only thanks to Biancas strong grapple she is kept under control.
But it proves their point and the team decide to head back to town to try and figure out why someone would be doing this.

Making their way through the jungle they meet two angry lamia. Fighting them off takes a lot of energy and blood, and as they think they are winning they hear huge wings flapping above. A roar shakes the trees as a huge green dragon lands in the clearing. Numb form fear they try to think of an escape when someone runs in from behind. He is dressed like a cleric but in half-bastet form and runs in front of the dragon, snarls enchantments and make the illusion disappear by the power of Irori. He tries to get his breath back and greets the girls, his name is Dar.

Aisha just stares and tries flailingly to flirt. Bianca is impressed with his skills and tattoos, the others are just happy to not be eaten. Aisha tries to show off her swordplay in an attempt to impress Dar and he responds kindly. They camp and talk a little, Rov becoming increasingly worried about his sister acting odd. Nell distracts him and they go for a walk, and Aisha asks Dar “Do you want to have sex?”. He smiles and takes her for a walk as well, leaving Lilith and Bianca to tend the fire.

As they get back to the main city they ask around about the tournament and find out that a huge gala will be held for the victors and the teams that get the furthers.
Eager to prove themselves they enter and start the competition by fighting on their own. Bianca meets another monk and fights him off in the arena. She tries to intimidate the crowd but is not quite successful.
Nell is challenges by a paladin on a unicorn. She’s mesmerized by the beast and gets excited about facing them in the ring. Thick wooden “monsters” are set up and they have to ride around the ring and hit them without falling off their mount. Nell does ok but falls off a few times and feels a little embarrassed. Still, she can continue.
Lillith is challenged secretly and wins, not telling anyone how and why she won.
Aisha is challenged by two fighters and tries to impress the audience but they seem unimpressed. But with a strong fight and almost blood spilt she shows them a good time.

The team is up for their first challenge and decide to call themselves the Roses. They are first to fight off a team of trained monks. They are quite easily taken care of and the win the favor of the crowd. Dar and Rov cheers them on from the side and they move on to the next challenge.
This is a breaking contest, and a few different things are lain out in the arena. The team decide that they will all try to break as many as they can, and get as many points as possible. The things are: a coconut, and ice block, a metal bar, a quarterstaff, a river stone, stacked boards, stacked bricks and some stacked clay tiles. Bianca and Aisha break most of it easily and the team gets the crowd to cheer for them. They get healing from the clerics and Dar helps them as well.

They feast and join the others at the pub. They get some clues for the next challenge.
The next competition is an archery challenge and the team do very well. In the same day they have to climb a tree each, without branches and climb to the top as fast as possible. Nell only makes it half way but with some invisibility and cleverness the three others climb the tree fast, to he crowds enthusiastic cheer.
The last challenge of the day is to fight the oracle Ganyavesha. The have to fight her in two large towers, which makes it hard to use Snowball. She uses spells and trickery against them and they are all hurt badly until she finally gives up. Dar and Rov help them recover for the day. On their midnight stroll Rov and Nell find to cages with guards in the outskirts,and in them they find a bear and a dire tiger. They wonder what the next challenge will be.

The next day they find out that they need to choose a challenger. One of them will have to be chained to a wild animal and try to kill the other champions’ animal. They discuss how to approach this and decide to let Nell take on the challenge. She is chained to the tiger as the fight starts. immediately she uses her charm animal ring to make sure it doesn’t attack her. The opponent, the druid Nearadei, uses wall of thorns to protect her bear and wind walk to fly 15 ft up in the air. From there she shoots at the tiger. Nell tries to fight back but decides to use rod of wonder and something unexpected happens….
They switch bodies and Nell first puts up a wall of thorns around her tiger and starts killing off the bear. The strategy works well and she wins but the crowd is silent as a mentor comes down to them. Nell uses dispell magic to get back into her own body.
She is taken aside and asked what happened, her use of the rod has confused the crowd and complicated the stakes and polls taken by the audience. She is given orders to not use the rod again and the fight will be tied for the sake of the bets.

The next challenge is the Battle of the Embers. The team face off against chanters (bards) that have specialized in using their voice for harm. The whole arena is filled with coals and only three stones to stand on. The girls decide to try and trip the bards down into the coals, and with that tactic they soon surrender. But they are still very hurt and don’t look forward to the next day. Thankfully Dar helps them a little.

There are only three teams left and to make sure the can win they have to take on another challenge. There is a dragon like creature out in the jungle that has been given a bracelet with rubies to protect. It will fight to the death to protect it.
They head out and start looking for it. It is huge, blue and has 8 legs, making it a formidable foe. Escaping with scratches and other injuries just barely Nell uses her tiara to sniff out the gems and they win the challenge.

The final day approaches and the last test will be the hardest. The two remaining teams have to go through a test of will and constitution. They will be put in cages and will have to suffer the Iron Body Test.
First they are drowned, then put on fire, then tortured with nails, then poisoned and lastly put in the freezing cold. Everyone does their best, and some excel almost to the end. Bianca refuses to let herself be tortured with nails but to no avail the girls try to force her. But she removes her fear of fire and stands in the flames for them.

As they recover on the side of the arena the next team is up. They struggle through the test but can’t manage it as well as the Roses and the girls win the tournament!

The gala is up next, and it will be exciting and interesting for sure.

Into the jungle

The team has grown weary of war and dwarves. They say goodbye to Nimsar, who is now a diplomat,and find ship going to Taristhien. Nell wants to see unicorns, the rest want to see the world so off they go.

The ship has little trouble on the 3 month journey across the world. They encounter an aboleth but take care of it, Bianca having to spend some time with her head in water for a bit but no harm done. Lilith celebrates her birthday with a party on board.

When they arrive at the small harbor there are two groups that stand out. One is a small camp of wild elves close to the in. The other is four high elves traveling together. Besides them none stand out, but there are dwarves, half-orcs and human milling about, doing trade. At the in there are loads of different people milling about. A huge muscled wild elf is talking to the inkeep. As he turns around and looks around and suddenly sees Aisha.

She doesn’t notice much about him but the others do. They have the same coloring and the exact same chin. He looks at her for a long while. Nell runs after him as he is leaving and asks him to join them. He tells her he’ll be back.
Bianca comments on the likeness of their skin and Aisha looks confused. When the man comes back and asks her to follow him she does.

They go to his camp and sits down to talk. She can see the rest of them giving them space but looking at her curiously. He asks her about her background, and where she was born. They bond slowly and Aisha feels the change, she feels less lonely and more open. He asks if she can come with him to their camp and she asks if they need help fighting something. He smiles and says yes, sensing she needs time to get used to things.

The rest talk with a high elf called Nivera and chat a bit. Nell gets bery excited about rolling on the morning dew naked with her and Bianca is trying to explain why she shouldn’t. They end up doing it in the morning, the wild elves watching and Nell being very happy with her new friend. She is also coming to the camp with the wild ones.
As they head out they come across a giant flytrap. The girls take care of it easily and impress Rov and the others. As they get to the camp the leader is waiting for them.
Bianca comments on the likeness of him too and Aisha finally gets thinking. He takes her aside and talks to her about his story.
Raisharon and his tribe

Rov shows them around and Nell is paying close attention. They wander away a bit and look at the lilys. Nell feels a stronger and stronger attraction to him and he flirts back confidently. Bianca watches over them and tries to make sure Nell knows what is happening.
After they hear the story of the secret weapon they want to see it and Raisharon leads the way. In a huge perfect hole in the ground a barrier is keeping a green dragon in. They gasp as they see how big the evil creature is and understand why the others are afraid. After the discussion gets heated. Is it good that its trapped even if its evil? Should they kill it? or let it loose? Where is the stone?
Later they bond with the others and when the flirting gets awkward for Aisha her brother takes her hunting. They make a feast with the catch. Nell and Rov find some time to be alone and climb a lookout. They canoodle under the stars and have a a great time all the way through morning.

The next day they head out to help kill some elementals running around a grove of fruit trees. Two big earth elementals and two wind ones roam around. The team fights them off, taking some damage. But as they discover that bludgeoning weapons work beast they take them down. And get to bring loads and loads of fantastic fruit back to the camp, making a feast for everyone.

The question of the dragon is still not resolved and someone has sent word to the high elves…..

The Dark War of Giants
It get's heavy

The last preparations are going for the war to come. The team is given a very important task- a diplomatic mission to talk to the local taiga giants. They have had an agreement for many years to have their own hunting ground without disturbing each other. Now they have seen Rune giants, led by drows, trying to rouse the mighty and huge frost giants. They are only two but so big it would make the whole continent shift and shudder.
Giants of Greyfoot

The team go with Nimsar outside the citadel to talk to the two taiga giants outside. Beli, the scout greets them. She takes them to their camp, on the way they get to show off their skill. Fagir, the taiga chief talks to them carefully. They respectfully, for once, all talk to them and agree to help them kill the rune giant group and sacrifice the rune giant on the alter connected to the frost giants.

This mission goes fantastically. Nimsar helps them on the way, they bring out all their charm and careful words as much as they can. And of course kill the group easily, the rune giants and drows not standing a chance to the power of these heroes. The dead giants are put on a alter, which communicates to the huge Frost giants to keep still and sleep on where they are. Because of their skill in battle and respectful manner the chief agrees to send Beli and another giant with them. He will also send word to the other camps and see if some of them will help out.

Nimsar tells the king and queen of their fantastic help. They are invited to a defense meeting with the leaders, the spymaster, Ailas the cleric, the general for the army and the King and Queen. They team help plan the defenses and decide:
- The drows in prison and the most dangerous prisoners will be executed to make sure noone attacks from behind or does any sabotage
- The tunnel they have found will get a small good team to fight them and to push them back out to the pass where the army will be waiting. Two taiga giants are shrunk with spells and moved to the front of the battle by the tunnel.
-The dwarf build sigewalls across the river and add archers to the group of clerics
- They decide to construct traps in the tunnel to hurt as many coming trough as possible
- All the civilians are moved to the big halls for protection
- They know there might cells hiding in the city, that got in before they found the tunnel. A small team is sent out to scout them out.
- Aisha is given an amulet to communicate with one of the captain on the outside

As they get word that the drows are coming and the traps start to warn them someone is coming through. The team gather and set up for battle, Beli and Raglin the taiga giants ready in front and archers behind small walls. As the mass of drows comes through the battle begins. Rune giants follow and a terrifying battle between giants ensue. The group slaughter drows right and left, only finding much struggle with the foul driders climbing through. As the battle seems won the clerics behind the walls cry out. Someone from behind is sniping down their allies. Nell and Aisha jump at the chance to hit them and Lillith helps point them out on the roofs. They are quickly taken care of and the battle is won.
Aisha hails the captain through her amulet and they are teleported to the ravine and the rest of the army.

Two small towers have been constructed on their side of the lake. Then there’s a stretch of land and the huge lake before the path opens. There has also been craved out small shelves to stand on for archers and paths along the lake to walk on. As they watch the lake is being frozen slid by drow mages. Before the can solidify the entire thing the king orders two of the giants that have come to help to go under the ice. They take a breath and swim underneath, waiting for the drow horde to go over the ice. Thousands of drows march across the ice to meet the dwarfs in battle.

The are given orders to go along the paths over the lake and take care of a group of rune giants trying to cross. They have drows and driders with them.
They engage them and take down one fast. But one of them slides down to stand on the ice and starts trowing rock at Lilith. She is nearly killed and the group struggles to get the upper hand. But finally the driders make mistakes and the enemies are slain. The team heals up with potions and watch from above what happens next.

The taiga giants hiding under the ice move to the end of the lake, away from the dwarfs, and suddenly rise to drown thousands of drows. The rest of the army hurries to cross the lake and the battle begins. As the enemy move forward with the last women as small group is tasked with killing the Taiga giants in the water.
The girls are asked to save them if possible and rushes down to take them on.
But without clerics nearby to stop the drow trickery of darkness they struggle to take them down. Thanks to careful planning though and use of void dust the drows are overpowered and taken care of, unfortunately not before one of the giants drown.

As the battles keep raging the team is given new orders. A small team is hiding and sliding along the lake,trying to get in to the city and wreck havoc. The clerics can feel their spells but can’t pinpoint them to the archers. The team hurries to seek them out, using all their skill and abilities to do it. The enemy is killed without much harm done but the battle is wearing on them.

Again they get called to action, this time to protect on of the towers that have become overrun. They attack from all sides of the small building, using beads of force to knock the driders at the top around and then execute them swiftly. Again their skill and tact is unmatched by the drows facing them.

The battle turns and the dwarves have won. Some drows are heading back, and the queen realises there must be another tunnel. She gives the order to hunt down the one running back to get reinforcements and find the tunnel. Somewhere they are making the rune giants and she wants it sealed.
The ladies run after the fleeing drows and gets beyond the lake. They find a wall of darkenss waiting for them. Aisha flies up and sees 10 mages holding the spell. A group with driders are running for the dark. Aisha and Lilith make a daring plan using the rubberband they found earlier. Aisha is to fly up, over the dark and Lilith sneak around it.Then they stretch the band as far as it will go and swiftly snap it around the mages. The dark falters as most of them are stuck.
Nell and Bianca take care of the driders and drows running for the dark, using a rod of wonder to get one of the driders to fight for them. With its help it becomes a massacre.
As the dark disappears and the mages are taken care of the tunnel used by the drows are taken care of. The ladies hail the army to come search it and the queen sends them down the tunnel to take care of the last drows and their secrets to making rune giants.

As they heal and wait for it to be over something is hammering on the other side of the path. The stone shakes and bursting out of the opposite side two rune giants bash their way out the closed tunnel. The queen asks if they can take them down and the team happily oblige. With swift action and enormous power the giants are slain and victory is at hand.

The war is won!
And because of well planned strategies and clever ideas the team is rewarded handsomely and are considered heroes of the Keep.

Claws and harts
A ritual is afoot

The party rest for a few days and experiment with their new stuff.
They are sent out to hunt for food and come across a wholly rhino and a troll trying to eat it. Both are slain easily and the horns harvested for later use.
Bianca as been looking up some dwarfs about learning a craft and has started creating small utilities of wood, bone or soft stone.

The next night they are unpleasantly woken by someone putting a hood over their heads and knocking them out. When they wake up and the hoods are removed they see some guards in a small cave and Anna, the Queen standing above them.

“I am a grateful and kind queen, but there are certain things I can not forgive. One of those things is stealing!” She is very angry and paces back an forth. “It took some time, but I found out that some of you have been selling mithril that you found in the mines, That is unacceptable!”
Nell and Lilith look at each other the other two sigh. Bianca works carefully at the ropes holding her.
Nell gets really flustered and almost gets tears in her eyes “I am so sorry,I didn’t know, and I didn’t mean to steal, and we just picked it up like we do everywhere, and I didn’t think, BUT I should have and I am so sorry! What can we do to make up for it?”
Bianca frees her hands but keep them on her back t see what happens next.
Lilith nods after Nell tries to explain and Anna nods.
“I cannot tolerate stealing, we need every tiny pebble we have against what is coming”
Nell speaks up again “I totally understand, I am so sorry, we will do whatever you want to make it right”
Anna nods and tells them about a small thing that seems to be escalating.
Someone is murdering clerics of a certain faith and taking their harts. When there was just one it was shrugged off as murder, horrible but just murder. But no 5 clerics are dead withing a certain area west in the city. She wants them to investigate.

The party agrees, is let loose and get to a tip to talk to one of the higher ranks clerics.
He says he needs to see some crime scenes so they take him around to see them, and he finds a white feather dipped in blood at all of them.
He tells them that this is bad, this is a sign of worship to the god Nethys, the god of magic and whit the harts being taken there might be ritual being prepared. They talk back and forth about what to do and he remembers that there is a woman in prison they could talk to named Zidada.

They enter the prison to find her and it turns out she has been missing for some time. The prison manager is embarrassed about it, they have been trying to find her, so he lets them in to look at the cell she was in. Its empty, no markings, nothing. On the left is a cell with a dwarf in it, watching them with a smile.
They talk to him through the bars and Nell tries to charm him into telling them if he saw anything. Skeptical at first he says he can’t help them if he is in prison but slowly he thaws and tells them that he heard harsh, guttural noises the night before and she was gone, like poof. He giggles and says he thought it might be the simpleton next to him.
“watch, watch. He loon, are you a cow today?” he yells down the cell and the other dwarf responds by mooing loudly. He does this a few times and laughs.
“She was gorgeous though, the one you are looking for, kept me up at night, if you know what I mean?” he winks at them and Bianca snorts in disgust. The other smile with him and ask him if he has seen anything else. They tell him what is happening and he says he can guide them through the city if they get him out.

Before they do they stop by the drow sitting in the cell next over. She is standing at the back, leaning against the wall. When she doesn’t react to anything they say they decide to go in for a visit. First they hold her down and tickle her for information, much to Nimsars glee. She still doesn’t talk though tries to get away. Then Aisha remembers the garter they got that changes the sex of a person and the drow freaks. She shakes and breaks down and says she has no idea what happened to the woman,she just disappeared. They believe her and leave her afraid on the floor.
Nell convinces the manager of the prison to let him go as he only has a few days left of his sentence anyways.

He takes them to a small pub downtown and asks them to go in separately. After some discussion Lilith comes with him, the rest walk in on their own, attracting some attention. Aisha is approached by small cleric. He has heard of the murders and is terrified. He wants to hire her for protection and after some time she agrees. In the meantime Nimsar has asked around and gotten some hints and ideas. There are a couple of places the killers might be hiding nearby. Also they decide to talk to the local clerics to see if they have heard any noises in the night. The first they visit knows nothing but the second has heard something and they find that some tiles in his roof are loose.

So they hide in his bedroom, Lilith under the bed, Aisha in the closet, Nell on the stairs and Bianca in the bed, pretending to be the cleric. The others are hidden in a storage room on the first floor with Nimsar. Some time after midnight a demon enters, tall red wings scraping the ceiling and his tail full of spikes. They fight him and almost kill him when they hear noises from downstairs. Nell runs down and finds a woman standing in the room with the clerics and Nimsar. As they watch in horror she reaches for the one Aisha brought and pulls his heart from his chest with magic. When they try attacking she takes hold of Nell and disappears.

The team is frantically trying to figure out how to fin Nell,and ask the cleric for help. He says he can talk to some of the other victims, and Bianca gets very angry. Talking to the dead would be a sin. They start discussing what to do and finally agree to try a locating spell for strong magic. Two bright spots show up on the map. As they go outside to figure out where to go some of them see smoke in the direction of one of the spots and Bianca starts running that way, Aisha following. Lillith and Nimsar decide to sneak up to the second spot on the map.

Meanwhile Nell wakes up on the floor an a bid abandoned building. The sorceress is putting the new hart with the others and turns to face her. Nell quickly throws a goblin bomb at her and the alter, creating a fire and destroying the harts. The demon lands shortly after but only to die from the injuries. Bianca arrives shortly after and the Zidada tries to run. But Bianca and Aisha soon gets her down and holds her. She seems to be possessed and they drag her back to the cleric.

Lilith and Nimsar find a small ruin from temple and watch as succubus starts a ritual and draws something on the ground. They agree that Nimsar has to run back and get the others and Lilith hides in a bush. Nimsar runs first to the building with the fire but has to run to the clerics house to find the group. He tells them where to go. The cleric does a forceful and strange exorcism and they quickly hurry to find Lilith.

They team face up the succubus,fighting to keep their mind on the game. She uses every magic she has against them but finally she is slain. Beaten and bloody the make their way back to the queen to rapport.

She is very grateful and rewards the ones that didn’t steal. She also talks to Nimsar and gives him special mission-to start the talks with the giants

Lurking in the Mine
The Queen needs help

The maze has taken it’s toll on the party and as they make their way down towards the Citadel two drow scouts sneak up on them. Fortunately for them the scouts are not trained in combat and does only a small amount of damage before they are taken care of.

Finally back at the in they rapport on the maze and go get some much needed rest. They take a few days to buy some potions and eat good food before an envoy of the Queen, Anna Ironbelly, arrives at their in. He’s called Drem and works for the royalty as an adviser. He asks you to follow him. They go to one of two big halls that the King and Queen are using to gear up for war. The hall is filled with advisers and soldiers and Anna is organizing them efficiently and calmly. They are producing weapons and armor in the far corner and the noise echoes again and again.

Queen Anna stands out in the sea of dwarfs milling around her. Her armor is beautiful and intricate, a work of art perfectly fit for a warrior queen. She has long braids pulled back and is clearly in charge. Her whole being shows confidence and skill, even though she looks too young to be queen. She greets them, and look them up and down for a minute. Anna Ironbelly

“I have heard about you, my husband speaks well of you. I thank you for saving my son and helping us rid the world of drow scum. I have a task for you, if you have a mind to help me as well?”
The party look at each other and silently agree, and Nell steps forward. “We would be happy to help, we are not doing anything at the moment.”
Aisha adds “Is there any rewards for this?”
The Queen smiles and nods.
“I like a clean agreements, proper deals. I offer you 1500 gold for this mission. You will go down to one of our mines where my harvesters have told me the strangest stories. There seems to be something down there disrupting their work and some of them have been very hurt. These are not worriers but miners and works. They have told me that there were monsters coming out of the walls. I don’t know what to do with these stories so I would like you to investigate.”
Bianca chimes in “Is there anything else you could tell us? We won’t know if the reward is bi enough without going there first but it’s a good offer. What else can you tell us to prepare?”
“I don’t know much more than that. There is some kind of magic down there stopping them from entering one of the tunnels, but I’m not a mage, I have no idea what it could be. If there are monsters down there I want them taken care of before I send some mage down there. I want to know how they are getting in and have the path sealed if possible. If there is more risk than we know I will compensate you, how is that?”
Bianca nods and Nell smiles brightly “I would love some armor like your, I have to tell you, I LOVE it, it’s SO beautiful.” Anna smiles back. “Thank you. This is one of a kind, for many reasons, but my armorer are skilled and I’m sure they could make you something some time.”

They move out and follow a scout down the mines. They move slowly in a spiral down the shafts, and see the huge structure that is the mines of Greyfoot. When they get ot the tunnel in question the scout leaves them to go inside. Snowball is with them but the rest of the horses are back at the in. The main tunnel is worn and comfortably large. They see equipment and tools laying around and the tracks in the floor from wagons.
Bianca listens down the tunnel and hears a few things that should not be there, the most prominent one a buzzing coming closer.

Soon she alerts them to the Giant wasps coming towards them, 3 and 3 in two groups.
Swiftly thy rearrange themselves to attack. It’s not long before the wasps are crushed to the floor. Some of the adventurers are stung by the huge stingers and see that there is poison in them but nothing can face these guys, no effects occur.

Further down the tunnel they get to the first mine. Bianca listens and hears some shuffling and stone scraping on stone in the room beyond. As they walk in they spot a huge Ettin, two heads looking snarling at them, wandering the room. They spread out and start their attack. Sneaking up on him seems impossible so Aisha goes for one of the heads, and eventually cuts it clean off, blood spraying everywhere.
He goes down and only managed to scrape a little at them.

Nell starts sniffing the air like a dog and comments on the amazing smell. The others look confused, it smells like metal, blood and stone, nothing special. She comments again on how wonderful it is and Aisha tries to figure out what is going on. After some discussion and testing they figure out that Nells new tiara makes you able to smell valuable metals, mithril being one of them. She picks up a small piece from the floor and smells it. The others pick up some lumps and Bianca start searching the room. She finds a secret door that seems to be leading down in the dark. It has been freshly dug and is completely dark.

They follow it for a bit and it branches. One tunnel leads down and forward away from the mine and the other leads beck towards the other tunnels. They go forward and find a small makeshift camp. Some drows meet them in battle and try to use suggestion and fog to overpower them but to no avail. With a waterbomb and some clever skills they are overpowered. They are struck down and looted for stuff.

In another room they find 4 cages with 4 creatures in them.
One Minotaur, one Hobgoblin, a dwarf and Girallion.
Nell gives the dwarf a healing potion and they talk to him. He tells them he was overrun and kept in the cage for fun. The drows have been sending monsters in to the tunnels to try and steal some of their metals. He is weak and hungry, so Lilith lends him the everfull cauldron to eat something.
They prepare to fight and open the cages on after each other. They are magical and they can only get to the monsters by opening them. Lilith hangs in the ceiling giving the rest some space but it’s cramped and soon full of blood. After taking care of the monsters they find the tunnel leading on and follow it carefully.

As they come to the end of the tunnel they find 5 doors. Slowly going through each room they find a kitchen, a training room, a prison holding 5 more dwarfs in need of help, and a room made to be completely dark. They figure it must be storage when someone tries walking in and knocks some stuff over, making a clanging noise in the dark. They help the dwarfs with food and healing but quickly move on to the last room.
They hear chatting and recognize the foul language of the drows. They organize but nothing can prepare them for what’s waiting for them.

6 drow warriors and two driders stand ready, they have sensed their goodness ad heard them coming. The battle ensues and the drows attack with bows, spells and rapiers at every opportunity. They use the blood of the fallen to be better themselves and make it hard for the team. Nell gets badly hurt and has to pull back to heal her and Snowball. The rest keep on them and push back as the drow formation is taken care of by Aishas bull rush and waterbomb. Finally there is room to maneuver and they get the upper hand. The dwarfs from the cages come in to help at the very end and cheer the group on to victory. Tired and beaten they stay the night to rest.One of the dwarfs is a cleric and heals them all a little.

The next day they leave some of the workers behind to seal the tunnel, they found it in storage after searching it for valuables. It leads out of the mountain and gets sealed.
They go slowly back to the other branch of the drows tunnel and find that it goes up to the iron mine. While exploring they run into a group of hobgoblins and slaughter them easily. The dwarfs are very impressed and grateful to have heroes with them on the way home.

The last part of the mine, the silver one, has a barrier in front of it. After searching the edges and using her Destined blood Nell figures out how the mages might turn it off. The tunnel free from monsters and everyone rescued they make their way back to the keep. The workers thank them and go home to their families, reporting to their leader first about everything that went down in the tunnel.

They meet back up with the Queen and she congratulates them on a job well done. Nell explains that it went well but it was more dangerous than expected as Snowball was badly hurt. The other chime in and tell Anna that Nell nearly died trying to fight the drows off.
“I heard from the workers that you took care of them as well, I thank you for all your efforts. My healers will heal you fully. I heard a rumor that you had some perfect pearls that you got from the myriad in the ruins. As an extra thank you I could get my mages to put an enchantment on them. And I have something extra for you Nell, well for Snowball” She hands over a box with stunning horseshoes in them.
Nell is delighted and the team gets to shop and celebrate the victory.

The Maze of traps
Small job, big trouble

The party is asked to help out by the dwarven king. He asks them to help search a new cave that has been found on the other mountain next to theirs. It has traps he warns and he would appreciate the help.

At the cave they figure the horses needs to stay there, this time also Snowball is left in the cave with Horsey and Hest.
As the team enter the maze right away they can see that Lilith needs to go first. So she enters and finds all the triggers as they go along. Every trap has been triggered and they easily get pas them. There are blades hanging, and in the floor in places, as well as burn marks on the walls from lightning and fireballs. She finds poison on some blades and pits with and without spikes.
In the very last room there is a chest and on top is a burnt out body of a rogue. She is laying on top of it but the lock is picked.

They push her off and start filling their bags with the treasure (4000 gp in jewels and coin, also a tiny tiara)
As they do something clicks and they can hear the mechanism purr around them. They try putting the body on top of the chest but it does nothing.
They enter the maze again and get past a few of the traps with minor cuts. But one of the traps has triggered teleportation of an Ice demon, and it stands in their way. Lilith uses her brand new boots of spider climb and shoots from the ceiling. The others switch around as much as they can in the small corridor and manage to kill it eventually. As it is about to disappear they see that some items have frozen to its body and one of them falls off before he is teleported away.
Its a feather-token and Nell figures out its a swanboat one.

Out of a dark pit a phase spider crawls up. Bianca tries to trip it but stays on its feet. It’s slain quite easily as the team use their new weapons and tactics to kill it.

They creep past the rest of the traps, the spikes hurting Nell and Aisha on the way. At the next turn they see two figures in dark clothing and hoods standing in the corridor. They have to knives each and look ready to pounce. The dark stalkers are taken down, Lilith in the ceiling, Bianca and Aisha at the front and Nell inspiring everyone with her new banner.

Beat and tired and soon the gang comes to the very end of the maze. An earth elemental burrows up from the floor an attacks them. With their last energy they fight their way out and gather the last of the treasure.

Venture in to the ruins
A deal is made, and a good deed done

The wind was getting stronger in the pass up to the mountain as the adventurers headed towards the ruin.
Half a day on their way they meet two dire wolves running down the path. They are easily dealt with and they keep moving. The night falls and they camp outside the ruin right up ahead.

In the morning they enter the ruin and start looking around. It appears to be a few chambers, and some low towers. Some look like might have been kitchens or bedrooms, but it’s hard to tell after 100 years untouched. Or so it seems….
After a while they find some stairs leading down to a tunnel underground. They debate about he horses and decide to leave them outside but Nell refuses. Snowball comes in with her, lead by the brittle.

The first chamber is lit by a strange fungus glowing softly in the dark. Above there are tiny little crystals that reflect the light and look like tiny stars. There is some webs leading down-

They notice the cold creeping out at them, and some remember that it wouldn’t be natural for it to get colder further in to the mountain, but yet it is.
The tunnel leads on and the rogue Lilith sneaks up and listens before they enter. She hears a dragging sound and whispers behind her that it sounds like a snake. The group gets ready and charges in. The Naga guarding the room is ferocious but no match for such skilled fighters. Soon it’s headless on the floor. Nell skins it quickly and they move on. They find some weapons and a really fancy-looking dwarven jacket.

The next chamber is slightly bigger and before they enter Lilith again sneaks up to hear what it could be inside. She hears tiny legs tapping the floor, and guesses from the webs they have seen earlier that this is where the spiders are. The chamber is rounded with no visible doors, except for the one guarded by a huge statue from floor to ceiling. He is not moving and looks like he could do serious damage.
The spiders are dealt with swiftly and even though Lilith gets poisoned it soon passes out of her system and they are ready to go.
Aisha walks up to the statue and touches her swords to his arm. He moves to fight her but stops when she pulls away. They search the chamber and finally find a secret passage right next to the statue. They also find 2 bundles all wrapped up in web. One of them turns out to be the orc that wouldn’t have Nell in his group and one of those that came with him. They are dead. They follow the path, glowing with fungus like the last one and enter the next room.

The next chamber is bigger and has a taller ceiling. As Lilith sneaks up and looks around the corner she sees a drider, half drow and half spider. it is moving around and is soon joined by another and two drow fighters. Lilith shoots at one of them but it has felt them come down the hall and is ready. It shoots web at her and sticks her to the wall.
The others run in and try fighting their way through but they are too many and soon every one but Nell is bound by magic or in webs. One of the fighters walks up to her and says in broken common “Stop. Come with us. Stop fighting.” Some of them notices that they have not been attacked with swords or bows, the drows have only used defensive powers.
More drows have joined them and they are carried or lead by the guards forward and into more tunnels, Snowball comes with.

After a while they come to the center of the maze where a huge chamber opens up. It crawling with drows but doesn’t look like a camp. There is a throne with a powerful looking drider on it and they are shoved in front of her. She has a huge spider body and a beautiful armor and jewelry all over. She is surrounded by female warriors in fantastic black armor and long swords.
She speaks perfect common and says: “What are you doing here?” Her voice is raspy and uncomfortable to listen to.
Nell walks forward and replies “We’ve been sent by the dwarf king, he is looking for his son. Please, we just want to get him and get out. We have no interest in nothing else”
The queen considers, but Nells natural sincere look works its magic. “Just give us the prince, we won’t be any more trouble.Let’s make a deal”
The queen shakes her head. “I don’t care bout the prince, he is weak, and not important to anyone. He is here somewhere, I don’t care. But I have a….challenge in here for you. If you can help me with it I will let you out.”
The group looks around at the myriad of drows and nods to the queen.
She takes them off into a different room and shows them the challenge.

He stands 15 ft. tall and takes up a whole corner of the room. The massive statue of an ogre stands perfectly still but his club drips of blood. On the floor at least 20 drows lies broken and bloody. “We have tried everything” the queen hisses. “We can’t get past him. But in one of the other tunnels there’s a spirit, a ice myriad, and she knows. I’m sure of it. But she won’t talk to me” The Queen is clearly pissed off and not used to being snubbed of anything.
“We’ll try to talk to her” Nell says on behalf of the group. Bianca asks “What is behind there? Why are you here?”
The Queen looks at her with pure rage. “Something to help us win at last. Now go!”
Two guard take them to another chamber but leaves as they move further in. The cold is now very noticeable and there is frost on the walls. The next room has a frozen over pool and beautiful carving on the walls. There is frost and ice crystals everywhere. The next room beyond has snow falling from somewhere above and more ice on the walls. It is now freezing. The myriad stands in front of them. She is blue, and calm and seem to be made of ice. She is calm and looks like she’s waiting for them.

“I could feel you coming, are you working for the scum out there?”
she asks in a voice that sounds like falling snow.
Nell steps up and explains, her big sincere blue eyes working on the myriads resolve.
They hatch a plan to get as many drows killed as possible and get to the chamber beyond. The myriad touches their foreheads gently and winks at them before they leave.

Out in the big hall Nell tells the queen that they have found a way to help her. They have learned the key to get past the guard but they have to be a lot of them inside, to mentally force their way through his magic. So she gathers with all her best warriors and crowds the room. The dames step up to the statue and walk past into the little chamber beyond. At once they hear it starting to tear into the drows and can only imagine the massacre in the crowd outside.
In the little room they fin two pools, with writings in different languages around the edge. They find out that one says Past the other Future. The water is clear but swirls with magic.
They all drink from the future pool and see a tiny bit of their future.Spoilers!-
The pools in the ruins
Nell tries both and see back to the day she lost her family. Nell fills a bottle with the future water and Bianca protest, but has to give in.

They walk out to find bodies all over the floor. As they enter the big chamber they see the queen with a few of her warriors left. Some of them are dragging the dying out and sucking out the very last spark of life from them to make themselves stronger.

Disgusted with this the party attacks at full speed, Nell on Snowball and he rest using all their abilities to wipe them out. It almost costs them their lives but in the end they are victorious. Thanks to healing potions they can keep moving, and as they are about to a different group runs in.

It’s the elven group from the in! They were very condescending first time around but now seem just stunned. Nell talks them smoothly around to just leave, like there is nothing to see. They are so shocked that they just turn around and go back. They clearly haven’t found the prince, but the girls have guessed where he might be. Then Bianca remembers that the first statue guard is now whacking drows and that there is an entrance they could find something in. She runs swiftly after them, makes sure they don’t pick up the webbed up prince, and follow them to the first room with a statue. There she can see that their mage has somehow made the guard move so slow they can get past and they are looking at the hole. She decides to run back to the others, she tells them and sprints like the wind back to the elves.
They are about to enter the tunnel and she walks up to the one in the back and smacks him in the back. As he turns around she hits him in the face ad he goes down. The others turn to see what is going on as the rest arrive. Aisha tries to intimidate them to leave but must be out of breath as i doesn’t work at all. They look in stunned silence at their mate and Nell sees an opportunity. She smiles sweetly and tells them that if they leave now noone will get hurt and they can meet up in the citadel and she’ll tell them all about what happened here. Thinking about it and looking at the monk ready to pounce they seem to want to get out. Aisha grabs Bianca and pulls her away so the elves can run out.

In the room beyond there is beautiful carvings of flowers, and stone roses like a garden. There is also a two ice golems that stand guard. But with the mark given to them by the Ice myriad they walk past unharmed. In a tiny room they find a shining stone and Lilith recognize it from her vision. They take it and go back in the first room. As they walk Nell sees a whole in the ceiling. But only she sees it and they others are confused. But as they pass the stone around they can all see that there is a passage hidden there.
Bianca jump up straight into it and Lilith follows. Aisha and Nell just look at each other and decide to walk around to talk to the myriad.

Bianca and Lilith is flushed around in smooth tunnels with lots of freezing water. They swoosh around and hear what sounds like waterfall. But as they get closer, trying to slow down a little, they see that the water is crashing up into a pool. They let themselves be thrown up and their head crack the ice of the pond in one of the myriads chambers.
The others arrive just minutes after and greet the myriad. She gives them each a perfect pink pearl, which means it can be made magic later.

They pick up to bundles, all webbed in, on their way out and open them up. I one is the prince, looking a bit under-dressed for the cold, and the other one of his companions.
He is not very happy, and is acting like a brat. Bianca whacks him and puts him over Snowball. The friend is just happy to get out and seem fed up with his prince. He asks how this all happened an if they found something but Nell charms him into silence.

Back at the citadel they send the prince off with some guards and get a free meal and night at he local in. Bianca cleans everything and meditated, Nell has a drink and Lilith gets drunk. Aisha also has a beer quietly with the others. Nell goes to get Bianca down and at the same time one of the elves walk in. He is a bit scared but gets sloshed and comes over to ask about what happened in the ruins. The girls just brag and smile and he gets nothing out of them.

The next morning they are called to see the King. They meet him in a big cave full of advisers and maps and plans. He is pleasant and thanks them for getting his son back.
The prince stands off to the side with a black eye, looking grumpy. The King tells them that his blacksmith, armorer and magician will help them get a price for their efforts.
Lilith talks to him privately and gets connected to some seekers that can use the stone to find the tunnel.
The group has a nice meal and bond over some dinner, Bianca telling her story. Nell gives the others some presents that she has made from the skins and they all get their pearls attached to a ring, a belt or a necklace to keep it with them.
With new armor, weapons and boots they are ready for their next adventure.

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The very begninning
New characters tryout

Outside the city of Altas, the capitol of the known world, there is a little tavern by the road called the Cricket.
And as fate would have it the 4 adventurers would all be at this tavern on a rainy grey day.
They are:
Nelle- a Cavalier with some magic in her (Cavalier lvl 4,Socerer lvl 1)
A monk with a amazing skills,(monk lvl5) half-elf with purple eyes and dark hair.
Curiously the look is the same as another half-elf sitting in the corner. She is a small rouge, wearing a chainshirt of mithril and a slim sword at her side.(Rouge lvl 5) The last one destined to be a part of the team is a half-elf fighter with a dark complexion and a katana on her back. She sits quietly by herself and drinks slowly.(Fighter lvl 5 specialised in heavy swords)
Lilith Moonshadow

They all look up when a tiredlooking dwarf stumbles through the door. He is dripping wet
from the rain and in full traveling gear. He stands and looks around before calling out:
“I have come from Greyfoot, from the king of our lands. He is asking for help, seeking a group of heroes to help with a mission in the mountains. One of our own, our prince, is missing. The reward for getting him home will be substantial. I’ll be over here in the corner to record who is going.”
A crowd of other walk up to the dwarf and two parties start to form. One with only elves, another of misfits and a couple of orcs.
Nelle runs up to him and start chatting away, She is bubbly and happy to help. Open to anyone she sits a table nearby and waits for companions. The monk eventually walks up and asks for as much info as possible. The dwarf explains that the prince missing is not well-regarded and considered a fool. He was sent up the mountain to a ruin, where he was told there would be treasure. At the same time Greyfoot is preparing for war, gearing up to prepare for the drows they have heard are coming. He also points to the table where Nelle is smiling and waving.

The Rouge decides to sit down by Nelle and they talk a little. In totally different moods they find some common ground and gang up. The last one to join is the fighter, after the group decide they need some more muscle. She is asked and she joins with a shrug.
With horses in tow they head out the next day.
Nelle talks about her horse as her best friend and is the only one that has a name for him, he is called Snowball.

The first they encounter is two bears heading out of the woods. They are easily slain and the group gets to show off their skills to each other. Nelle is incredible effective on top of Snowball, and gain some respect after baffling the rest. As they reach the harbor to find a ship to Greyfoot, and they chose a small, fast ship after Nelle charms the captain to let them on with their horses.

Deep out to sea they encounter a hoard of sea-creatures and fight them off with great skill and ease. Both the monk and the fighter show off their skills in combat and the rouge dodges nearly every attack. Nelle seems to be better on he horse but does her part to save the ship.

Arriving on Greyfoot there’s a pass that all visitors has to go through. The Dwarfs will not waste time on anyone that can’t get through it. They fight through yetis, barghests and wolves barely getting through. They have to scale a ledge with the horses, but eventually make their way to the doors of Greyfoot Citadel.
As they enter they take in the most amazing stone structure of stone in the world.[[File: | class=media-item-align-none | ]]

They find an inn to rest and get some more healing potions. They then visit the captain that oversee the mission. He tells them to get it done as fast as possible, its in the way and terrible timing so he wants it out of the way. The get directions and get moving towards the ruins.


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